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Your Devilian form levels is independent with your character

Devilian is like popcorn, or more succinctly, caramel popcorn. It’s not a bad game, it just has such a singular flavor that eating too much of it will leave you feeling sick to your stomach. We’ve been playing it these past few weeks and are ready to pitch in our final review of Trion’s latest MMO. I immediately fell in love with the concept of TERA meets Diablo, the MMO. And though its combat is really addictive, its systems multitudinous, I can’t help but feeling like the whole thing is just a bit shallow and lacking soul.


There are many dungeons in Devilian, some of them can be finished by single player while other need a group of people. If you still don’t have friends in game, there is a party matching system that will port you to the dungeon when it finds a matching pair. There are three skill trees and depending on your play style you can upgrade them, but your Devilian form levels independently of your character. My opinion is that Devilian is a good choice for semi-hardcore MMO gamer and it all depends on future updates will it become real rival to other AAA titles. For now, it’s only refreshing because most of the skill animations and plot are already seen in many similar MMO games.


It’s very early days, so there’s really not that much game, but Trion were happy to show what they’ve been working on. The hands-off demo saw a lonely character exploring a zone of Devilian’s word on the back of a huge armored polar bear. It instantly feels familiar, with a stylish bright look that certainly has a little Diablo 3 in it. The area transitions from green pastures to an icy tundra, where the shuriken-throwing character dismounts the bear and attempts to bring down a towering ogre boss.


It’s designed to be taken down by a team of players, but at this stage of development the server is completely devoid of real players. There’s no hope of defeating this thing, even with Devilian form active. Beyond your base customize character players can also activate a Devil Form for a temporary boost in power. For more permanent increases in power players can lean on the level and deep gear system that ensures randomized loot plays an important role but also combines with powerful world bosses that protect the most powerful loot drops in traditional MMO style.


There are only two standout features of Devilian to be pointed out. The first is in the combat, the devil form. As you fight and kill more enemies, a meter builds up and once you pass a certain level you can use your devil form. The devil form offers a selection of more powerful skills and abilities, changes the appearance of your character, increases your attack power and health until the meter runs down and you revert back to your normal form. While not offering anything other than a means to kill enemies more quickly, over a limited period of time, it’s still something to use to beat dungeon bosses quicker to meet time limits.


As we were given a Beta account this game with a variety of boosts including some inventory expansion tickets (which were much needed), extra character slots (2 as default), a battle polar bear mount, a Corgi companion (yes, the little dog) who would give us boosts when he was summoned. It did also give each player 50 Announcement Horns, where you could make an announcement seemingly to the entire game so it appeared in every chat window useful for testers but a bit annoying for recording a video as you couldn’t hide the windows or turn the announcements off (from what we could tell anyway).


Devilian is a free-to-play game and most all of the low and mid-game content is available without spending money, but the game never really lets you forget that there are things you could buy - additional inventory space, more character slots, faster XP boosts, pets, mounts, outfits - either piecemeal or in the form of more expensive packs. “Look, here’s a free game. Pay money and you can get through it faster.” There is little for max level players to do but grind for loot and replay dungeons. The gold sellers are allowed access to the chat channel and messages in game - always a bad sign - so one wonders if bots can’t be far behind.

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