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WoW Classic: Azeroth for a better overview

The cards in WoW Classic are not only relatively cluttered, but also miss some information that one or the other player quite important. That was just one of the reasons why Rhianolord created a massive map that featured Azeroth with lots of details and additional information.

Exploring the unknown is definitely part of the charm of WoW Classic (buy now for € 12.99). Therefore, it makes sense that previously undiscovered areas remain hidden from prying eyes on the map. But that's not the only downside to the cards in the game. They give you only a rough overview of the areas and miss some important information. The location of flight points is just as futile as harbors, airship routes or the names of smaller areas or fortresses. In addition, there is no way to look at several areas at once while still seeing at least the few details that the map offers you.


This has apparently disturbed the user Rhianolord so much that he has created a map of Azeroth that provides you with loads of details. Thanks to the size, you can zoom in on any area and see significantly more content than on the in-game map. For example, the smaller areas within the areas are named and you can see the routes of both factions across the continents. Instances and raids are also listed and also indicate the step area in which a visit makes sense - the same applies to the areas.

However, the names are all in English. What makes no difference with some names, can make a player with a German client still confuse. In addition, the card in the highest resolution is a whopping 470 MB.

If you prefer to have a card with the names of the German client, which you can also conveniently hang on the wall, we recommend issue 10/2019 of the PC Games MMORE. The booklet contains a large poster, on one side of which you will find the card, while on the other side a beautiful artwork by Tyrande Whisperwind is printed.

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