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Things only get flashier when you activate Devilian mode

Good MMOs should take you on a journey, exploring diverse lands and characters as you run through an expansive virtual world filled with fun things to do. In Devilian you’ll definitely find yourself running - a lot - except that it feels like you’re on a treadmill, and there’s only one speed setting. Devilian gives you a choice from four classes: Evoker, Berserker, Shadow Hunter, and Cannoneer. These classes generally follow the mold of mage, melee fighter, and rogue, except for the Cannoneer which is a unique creation among MMO characters; she’s a tiny anime-inspired girl who brandishes a very large gun, using it to rocket-propel herself around while blasting explosives and laying traps.

The other classes play as you’d expect: spells, swords, and rapid attacks. I didn’t get to play end-game content, but I have taken the gist of the pvp-mode (20v20 arena) which was a bit boring tbh. It just lacks something. “Go there in a group of x to defeat a group of x-1 and then capture” is not really fun. I don’t feel as mighty and as game changing as I used to be in other games. I could have compared myself to a tiny ant. Maybe it’s because my devilian-form was too weak. I played just that one game, so I don’t know if I had seen it all. I feel like the devilian-form levels too slow if just doing pve, by the way.


Things only get flashier when you activate Devilian mode, an alternate form for your character with distinct skills and equipment that allow you to deal amplified damage. Kiting a few dozen enemies along, rounding them up in a tidy clump, and blasting them to pieces while they rag doll across the screen is a very simple and honest kind of fun. Devilian encourages this behavior by giving you brief buffs for killing large numbers of enemies at once and by occasionally summoning an elite version of a foe who drops a pile of loot once defeated. It's not complicated and it’s not new, but it works.

I have noticed the game is very linear when it comes to questing around the world. Each map has several sections, but you have to go down specific paths due to the questing direction. Most other MMO’s give a couple pathways to leveling and that is where this one draws the line. One thing this game did stay true to was dungeon running, and it is made slightly easier since players do not need to worry about class roles (Tanks, Healers, DPS). This makes queuing much faster and an overall more pleasant experience trying to get into dungeons. I believe that is due to the fact there is only room for three people in a dungeon.

Similar to Rift, Trion Worlds implemented a cash shop based on packages, consumables, and subscription status options. They also added “DEX,” an item that can be purchased for cash then traded in game for in game currency. DEX allows the user to gain credits for use in the cash shop so players that wish to only pay using in game currency have an option to obtain cash shop credits without spending real world money.

A big concern for a lot of players that are new to a game is how melee classes fare in terms of content. With most games, there is a pretty clear separation between the effectiveness of melee and ranged, such that ranged always comes out on top. With Devilian, luckily, this isn’t necessarily the same. To better illustrate, we’ll be looking at the Berserker class, which is based upon dual swords.

As a Devilian we had access to new and improved abilities, still similar to our standard class ones, but supercharged and with added effects to obliterate enemies and, in doing so, kept our gauge filled so that we stay in the form for longer.