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There is a dungeon that is a great place to level your Devilian

The developers added a very handy card system to the new version of Devilian Online. Being a big CCG and TCG fan, I really didn't mind the addition. I've only discovered a single way of obtaining cards in this game, which is breaking down random equipment dropped from monsters. From there, players can use the materials obtained from the broken down item and craft a card box which contains random cards. When equipped, the card provides passive stat bonuses and perhaps maybe more in the future. Leveling up a card is fairly simple, all you have to do is sacrifice other cards as fodder.

I can already foresee card boxes being sold in the cash shop. Perhaps rare cards are obtained from raid or dungeon bosses? I'll have more details during Open Beta! About eighty percent of the quests require you to kill something which didn't really bother me much because killing things was really fast and I was able to pull everything and spam my AOE skills. I always found myself aggrieving the whole zone so that I can finish the mission or quest faster than usual. The assassin character is very fragile so if I were to lag during my crazy trains, I would most likely die!

To start the game looks great, roaming around the opening levels and beyond some of the views and camera angles are extremely clever giving a real sense of height, whether crossing a bone bridge high above a cavern, fighting alongside a jagged cliff, or roaming around huge open floating cities. Whilst it may be a tactic the developers have used quite a lot, having every battle happen high up somewhere, the level design and graphical detail makes a really immersive environment that straight away had us thinking that the game was nearly on par with the likes of Diablo 3 in terms of quality.

What ends up being both a positive and negative for the game is the combat system. There's no doubt that with the great visuals, combined with a number of flash skills and abilities, it's never dull to actually watch the combat unfold, though it can be dull to play through it. That's for the large part anyway. Dungeons are where the combat comes into its own, particularly later and especially so when facing against boss monsters, either by yourself or with others. The main reason for this is because the bosses are damage sinks, taking as much as you can throw at them, though rarely proving to be too much of a threat that they may beat you.

Your main character and your Devilian use completely different gear, have completely different skills, and gain XP completely separately. Since you can only be in one form at any one time, this does mean that you need to carefully watch how your two forms are progressing. "You definitely want to make sure your Devilian grows alongside your character. But you're never at a point when you're completely messed up," says Sipotz. "You can always go back and do content as your Devilian, or engage in some PvP to help yourself level up. There's also a dungeon that's a great place to level your Devilian."

Once players think they've reached the peak of their power the PvP game modes extend your adventure as you compete with others in small scale battles (3v3) or the large battleground engagements that allow teams of 20 on 20. Devilian has done a tremendous job at picking out the best parts of action RPGs and blending it with MMO staples. For gamers that love the strong guild and economy features of a MMO but want greater control over their character and combat Devilian will met and exceed any expectations.

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