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There are several ways to enjoy in Devilian Online

Devilian Online had three playable characters which are Warrior, Sorcerer, and Assassin. The character selection screen did not provide any customization at all. Though it looks like they are working on it since there was a Female and Male symbol at the character selection screen. For this review, I will be playing the Assassin class because he looked the coolest out of all the current playable characters in the first CBT.


Each playable character has three different types of skill sets. Not being able to read Korean to the full extent, I didn't even realize that I can choose and master a different skill set until I partied with another Shadow Hunter who specialized in melee combat. I was like huh!? Am I doing something wrong? Was I supposed to evolve or master skills from some special skill trainer!? After bringing up the skill menu and examining it thoroughly, I face palmed at myself for not noticing the two other clickable skill sets.


There are several ways to enjoy in Devilian Online, which you can play as a straight-up MMO with quests and challenging dungeons, or you can jump into intense PvP battles ranging up to 20-on-20 slaughterhouses that pit entire guilds against each other. Trion Worlds' action MMORPG Devilian just announced the open beta and launch date. Guess some of you especially action fans are going to play the game. There are several things new players should or are curious of about the open beta and the game itself, including whether the game is pay2win.


In addition to the four classes and their devil forms, characters have a wide variety of customization options available to them, from skills to armor and weapons, letting you carve through the monstrous hordes via whatever method suits you best! The final test for Devilian Online just ended a few days ago and I decided to give the game another second go. I'll try to make it quick, as I don't feel confident enough to write a long review of a game that I haven't thoroughly played.


To its credit, Devilian plunks the player down in the thick of the action from the get-go without a lot of annoying hand-holding. This is a Diablo clone, after all, so all you need to know from the onset is that clicking is good, and clicking faster is even better. Gradually over the first 20 levels (they come quickly), Devilian peppers in tutorials masked as quests, but they’re spread out as to keep it from feeling as though a developer is force-feeding you a manual all at once. As in many MMOs that are grind-heavy, enemies stand around in groups just waiting to be killed before respawning almost immediately.


Nearly every enemy is copied right out of the fantasy RPG playbook - skeletons, goblins, spiders, ghosts, spell-casting mermaids, zombies, undead warriors - and rarely will you ever think, “I’ve never seen that before.” A little like the NPCs, the enemies are not terribly memorable. That’s not to suggest that combat isn’t fun. The mobs die in satisfying little gouts of blood and spells knock back, freeze or set alight the monsters in a wide variety of ways. The bosses are more challenging, primarily because the important dodge and health potion mechanics are on a cool-down timer and it’s very easy to get pinned down in a corner.


The constant pull to repeat a set of activities to see numbers go up permeates every game like Devilian. Even now, I’m thinking about running a few more dungeons and seeing if I can’t get some Heroic gear out of it. But almost any game with loot will make you want more of it, so hitting that part of the brain’s reward center isn’t enough to make for a good game. Devilian could evolve into something great, eventually; none of the games I’ve compared it to started out as good as they are now. But until it makes its classes more interesting and diverse, engages me with more meaningful rewards, and makes its world more fun to explore, I don’t see why I’d choose it over any other outlet for my loot lust.

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