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The Devilian form comes with its own set of gear and experience points

Welcome Devilian, this is the land of Ael. Monsters roam the lands and the world is under threat by a fallen god. You are a Devilian; half Devil, half human. Your task is to save the world. However, both you and Devilian are three years late to the party. Three years have passed since the game’s initial release and the only reasons you could have to try Devilian are to pass time, play a game that is simply functional and pretty.

Combining Diablo like combat with the MMO genre is Devilian, it’s got many elements that you’ll instantly recognize. For those that love the communities of MMOs but prefer an action RPG combat style you’ll be well looked after with this tantalizing free to play adventure. The same can be said of the game’s dungeons. There’s not a lot of skill required in the game’s leveling content in general. If there’s one thing that would make playing Devilian feel less like a warm-up, it’s more surprising content in general.

Bluehole Ginno claims to have used Rift and other Trion games for its inspiration. They even have their own rifts, but those two are static and always in the same place. I know that most MMOs have static dungeons too, and that this is because people like learning them and sharing strategies, etc. But minus the later Hell dungeons and Arch devil content, the zones and dungeons in Devilian are so easy that death only happens if you go AFK for too long.


I'm having mix feelings with the graphics of the game, I can't quite put my finger on what kind of theme it is supposed to have because of the games setting. I found myself walking into a very beautiful area then after a few steps everything becomes all gloomy then everything becomes all rainbow and colorful. I suppose it is a mixture of Torchlight and Diablo style theme? Most of the starting areas looked decent enough that the game did not give off a cheap rip off feeling.

The only thing that troubled me while testing this game is the recycled monsters and how monsters spawned in the same area. The user interface isn’t too difficult to grok, and I appreciated how it wasn’t trying to clutter up my screen with buttons. Pages pulled up were a little clunkier than I would’ve liked, especially with the inventory’s teeny-tiny icons and the ugly-as-sin daily calendar. I cannot stress enough how important this aspect is to Devilian.

I’ve played enough cruddy Diablo clones to know that not getting that frantic and flashy combat down is a death sentence to prolonged interest. Here, I was happily chewing my way through the landscape because each encounter felt downright satisfying. Did I mention yet in this Devilian Review, about traveling? There are 2 ways to travel. Way stones which are a bit like portals or your mount. Your mount is free, but takes longer. Way stones are nigh instant, but cost money.

At level 23, my zerker has 29 gold, because I sell pretty much everything, and DON’T use way points. Nicely however, there is auto travel. It’s similar to a bot. You tell it which quest you want to do, and it runs you to the quest giver or the mobs. This has it’s down side as well, as it takes away from the game.

The Devilian form comes with its own set of gear and experience points, which you have to go out of your way to get. You have a different set of skills, and certain areas of the game require you to use it. But I never once felt like I needed to use it, or bother to learn the form’s intricacies. I just didn’t see the point, and I forgot I had it until I entered an area where I was forced to use it.

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