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Roblox has over 100 million monthly active users

Virtual world fans are understandably happy as Roblox beats Minecraft, growing past 100 million monthly active users. It’s an impressive milestone for an MMO that was released in 2006 and barely got a share of the attention that Mojang’s game did. Earlier this year, Microsoft reported that Minecraft has a player base of 91 million monthly active players.

“The Roblox creator community thinks of things we could never imagine, and their continued growth is our future,” said Roblox CEO David Baszucki (via TechCrunch). “With top Roblox experiences achieving more than 100,000 concurrent users and 1 billion plays, there’s no denying the power of user-generated content.”

Roblox is known for its widespread global community, with devoted players and creators coming from over 200 countries. Creators have contributed with more than 50 million custom experiences that include in-depth games, worlds and events, and even stories that you can play. Roblox also seems particularly attractive to female players, with 40 percent of the player base being female.

There are apparently more than two million Roblux game developers worldwide right now, ranging from single creators to full indie studios. There are some truly impressive games on the service – you can even play Counter-Strike on it, which will surely only get better once matchmaking is implemented.

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