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Questing is obviously the primary method in Devilian

As soon as I heard Trion Worlds was bringing an ARPG-style MMO to the US of A, I was instantly intrigued. Still licking the wounds from the big let down, albeit improving world of Diablo III, I still jump on any opportunity to blast baddies with spells and collect that sweet, sweet loot. Now, let's get this straight. Devilian is an MMO, sort of. It's also an ARPG, sort of. Confused yet? So am I. I can't really tell what the devs were shooting for 100% on this game but the best I can describe it as is TERA, with an isometric view.

Quests are about as exciting as clicking next, next, next on a Microsoft Office install and as deep as a mud puddle; This ain't Shakespeare folks. Some interesting features, not in any particular order, are their attendance system that shows your daily challenges, quests, or receive log-in rewards. Your experience bar grows as you level so you’ll breeze through the first ten levels but after that you’ll need to work a little harder. If you die and have to leave a dungeon you can use invasion tickets most likely found in the market place.


Since I rarely use real money to buy things in-game items I don't know what's available but I thought it was worth mentioning. You can expand your inventory but items become more expensive. Some relatively minor draw backs I've seen, you have to pay to make more than two characters and if you have a limited account you can't compose messages. Learned that the hard way. The skill tree system is pretty decent however at letting you pick your preferred playstyle between each class.

Each class has three different trees focused on varying aspects of the class' strengths. Berserker, for instance, has one that's about fire damage and AOE, another about big sweeping and leaping attacks, and a third that’s about precision targeting and quick attacks. You can spend points across all three, master just one, or mix and match to your heart's content. The game also allows respecs liberally, and like Rift allows multiple builds per character to swap quickly between when out of combat. 

Devilian's levelling bridges across PvE and PvP. Questing is obviously the primary method as in any MMO, with large numbers of players being able to mingle and fight mobs in instanced overworld zones. Groups of three will be able to head into instanced dungeons. PvP can be both in the open world (as an opt-in experience), or in 20v20 arenas as a capture-point style competitive game. “That’s a really unique system,” says Sipotz. “Everyone’s in Devilian mode, you can capture and spawn NPCs to help you. There’s also 3v3 smaller arenas, so if you want that more personalised, competitive gameplay style, you can go for that.”

Aiming, moving, using the space bar to short range teleport to dodge enemy attacks, it was relatively simple in theory but proved to be a bit of a macro workout for the fingers when facing a lot of opponents. The fast paced nature was extremely fun and, at least with the Evoker, the effects from our abilities were extremely fun with throwing our fireballs and arcs of lightning lighting up the place, erupting out enemies into a fountain of blood and bone.

All things considered, it’s a passable game and one you could pass hours by as you pay attention to a TV show, film or something else in the background. I can’t really recommend it beyond that. If you have friends to play it with, though, at least there are options to group, form guilds and do PvE/PvP content together.

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