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Powerful feeling slaughter will help determine if Devilian is a game for you

Devilian sets itself apart from other MMO’s in that you essentially have two different sides of your character to level up: one being your human side, the other being your demon form. The human character can be leveled up by completing quests and killing monsters. The devil side of you is completely different and can only be leveled up by harvesting the souls of minions you have killed while in Devilian form. Each level will require more and more souls to complete.

Keep that in mind and please learn from my mistakes! Don’t be afraid to activate your Devilian form often, collect souls, and become more powerful. The enemy AI doesn’t do a lot to bring the ‘intelligence’ to the table. Enemies will gang up on you, but don’t offer any real advanced tactics to overcome. Players can simply hack and slash their way to victory and should have no problems overcoming regular enemies because of this. Since action combat like this is the crux of the, whether or not you enjoy mindless, powerful feeling slaughter will help determine if Devilian is a game for you.

Furthermore, the controls in Devilian may take a bit to get used to as it is a tad bit unconventional. Instead of clicking to target your enemy, you’ll be aiming where your character uses his or her skills by using your mouse cursor. Due to this, you will not be able to use your mouse to click on the skills you want to use. As an alternative, you’ll need to use the number keys. Movement is pretty simple though as you can choose to use WASD or the left mouse button to do so. 


As far as eye candy goes, and especially for those who love that distinct South Korean style of characters and fan service, this is a top notch offering that is a breath of fresh air for those tired of the standard fare. Also, it's free to get started but I highly recommended you invest in a starter pack and become a patron. While this was not the Godsend I was expecting as the ARPG/MMO of my dreams, it's definitely worth a look on a cold, winters night. Keep your expectations in check, unlike myself, and you'll have a wee bit o' fun.

The NPC might have two or three quests for you at once. Also for anyone who’s playing solo like I was, when you see “Co-Op Available” next to The Devil Revealed quest and you get a message asking if you want to join the rift, take it. I didn’t understand what it meant and declined so I got no credit for helping defeat the monster you’re sent to kill. I missed the first two waves since another player was just ahead of me and already opened the rift. In order for me to get credit I had to open the rift myself and the option didn’t appear right away.

The downside to the melee is when bosses have mechanics, like attacks that go from where they stand outward, AoEs, or frontal cones. While a ranged player would be able to easily dodge these by making a short movement or strafe, melee players have to be a lot more attentive - in most cases, there’s only a split second between when these start and when you need to react. As a result, battles against bosses become a lot more dangerous when playing as melee. At the same time, however, that can be considered as a trade-off for how easy most other encounters are.

So far, Devilian seems like a pretty decent free to play title that you can happily burn a few hours away with. Is it a revolutionary merging of both the MMO and ARPG genre? No, but it does both sufficiently well to warrant a try. However if you already have an MMO addiction, I can’t see this tearing you away from your monthly subscription any time soon. I imagine those that commit enough time to getting to the level cap will enjoy the end game raiding, if the leveling dungeons are any indication.

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