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Players in Devilian take a role of half devil heroes to save their world

Devilian is an action MMORPG with a look and feel similar to Diablo 3 and Path of Exile. But unlike those lobby games, Devilian offers the full MMORPG experience with an open, persistent world to explore. The game will offer four classes at launch including the Berserker (warrior), Evoker (mage), Shadowhunter (assassin), and Cannoneer. Each class has a unique Devil Form which can be activated for a temporary boost. Devilian includes many competitive features including multiple PvP options and contestable world bosses for organized guilds to tackle.

In Devilian, players take a role of the last guardians of Nala - unique half-devil heroes battling to save their world from a fallen god. There are four classes - each with their unique Devil Form - to chose from and they are Berserker, Evoker, Cannoneer and Shadowhunter. One of the cool features in Devilian is that, although there are only four classes, player can customize original form and skill trees, and not only that, he can customize their devil forms to.

When player activate Devil Forma (by pressing V,) the appearance of character is changing and he gets a new set of skills, which are much more powerful than normal skills. Each class uses 3 different skill trees for players to explore with options to easily reskill if you decide a particular path is no longer serving you well. Skills are everything you want in a game with flashy effects, multiple uses and synergy with other skills and classes.

This of course encourages players to team up with friends to complete some of the more difficult dungeons to cover each other's weaknesses but this is definitely not a requirement. Thanks to the persistent MMO world though it's easy to switch between lone wolf and group fighter. I didn't have enough points to learn all the passive skills between all of my active skills because I wasted a lot of points in mastering my first skill. As you can see in the image below, I am currently using the skill set 1 and learning skills from this tree.

If I wanted to play a melee Shadow Hunter, then I would have to click on the non-highlighted button under the text Skill Set 2 shown in the image below, which reveals a new set of skills. Very obvious for someone that can read Korean, but not so much to a Foreigner. Sadly, it was way too late to change builds so I ended up playing the mainstream throwing random Frisbees. This feature makes each class a little bit more unique amongst each other. You also got the whole Super Saiyan Devil Transformation system!

The Korean MMO design aesthetic - where the female casters dress in cleavage-revealing gowns, thigh-high stockings and high heels, you know, truly practical dress for battle - is strong in Devilian, as it was to some extent in Guild Wars, the Lineage games and will be in the upcoming Black Desert Online. Environments are uncluttered, which is not to say they are ugly or unfinished, but simply textured. Devilian makes some artistic and graphic compromises in order to run on a wide range of systems and it shows. The musical accompaniment for each area is interesting and overall, the score is strong.

From what I saw in those first few hours, Devilian nails the core of this type of game. What really remains to be seen is how Trion handles the microtransactions, how restrictive F2P will be, and how the community will respond to a game with a generic title and an eastern vibe. It's staying on my hard drive for the forseeable future, but I cannot make predictions one way or the other in terms of its future.

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