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It is possible to have several hours of fun with Devilian

Devilian is a top down and fast paced ARG that tries to combine its action elements with standard MMO elements. The controls and the gameplay for Devilian is very good. You always feel like you are in full control of your character when jumping between enemies and slaughtering the monsters standing in line for your attacks. Having no auto attack and skills that recharge quick is a great way to play through the otherwise quite boring quests. It is a blast to move down enemies as you go and having only lasses that kill fast and effective instead of relying on a trinity system really work well for Devilian.

Combat suffers from a similar problem but, thankfully, you have some control over how interesting combat becomes. Essentially, every character has four attacks and three different skill trees to choose from and like Borderlands, you can place your skill points wherever you like. Unlike Borderlands, each skill tree gives you six additional moves. However, you only need about five moves to be successful in Devilian.

Enemies are rarely a threat. A group of 10 or more constitutes the need to reach for health potions. Otherwise, when you're idle, you restore health. And it's a weird inclusion as the game gives potions extremely frequently. Sadly, my Devilian Review isn't more positive. I usually like to play new games to max level, try out a few different builds, but as it happens, I do not imagine doing this here.
 I suppose they are tying to make the game Diablo 3 style, as the game is more open world with features created to make lots of friends, but friends for the most part, are thus far not needed. You will group, you can chat, but when you're done with an objective, you go on. I mentioned it's like Diablo 3. I haven't seen random content like Path of Exile nor Diablo 2. As far as I can tell, the game is always the same, for everyone. And yes, you do see people all over the game.

To Devilian's credit, it gives you a lot to do in its endgame. Once you've gotten to level 50 or so and have completed most of the quests, you can run each of the four final dungeons, run an Archdevil Dungeon (which requires powerful gear to enter), do a couple runs of the Abyssal tower (where you climb floor after floor of monsters in order to earn currency to buy armor), do quests in the Infinite Training grounds for the chance at item drops, or open rifts to fight powerful boss enemies in spontaneous events around the world.

Devilian's combat makes it a totally competent action-RPG/MMO. Combat hits the sweet spot and while the enemies aren't terribly bright or memorable, the process of fighting them is fun and addictive, if a little too easy. The interface is clear and the systems are well designed. It's possible to have several hours of fun with Devilian until you realize that not much is going to change for the better, worse, or more interesting.

What's most missing is a sense of urgency, drama, emotion, or reality, even just the slightest indication that you actually matter in the world. No matter how much you feel like a bad ass for killing that group of undead soldiers with a single blow, the moment is fleeting as you're pushed aside by the next, identical looking avatar, killing those same undead soldiers with the same spell or weapon. This is not a new problem in MMOs, but it's surprising that sixteen years after the appearance of Ever quest, developers aren't more interested in solving it.

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