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Gear upgrades and character growth come at a reasonable rate

Devilian is the gaming equivalent of a convincingly painted view of scenery. It looks pretty decent until you get too close and bang your head on the wall. It’s a cross between an action RPG and a free-to-play MMO, that offers an expanse of entirely free content, eight hundred thousand different in-game currencies, ninety-seven billion menus, and an almost hypnotically bland grind. When you're on the main path, Devilian is an easy game; and that's OK. You gain satisfaction from tinkering with skills and equipment, and from the seemingly never-ending stream of rewards that the game throws at you.

There's room to seek out a challenge, of course. Each of the game's optional dungeons have three difficulty modes, while the special Arch evil dungeons are particularly difficult as a rule. PVP battlegrounds and the Abyssal Tower can get pretty rough as well. Devilian is a relatively satisfying experience because of how flexible it is. When you want to dive deep, there's always something to do, and when you want to coast and watch your fantastical warrior transform into a devil and mow down enemies, you can jump in and do so with ease.

Every class also has access to a powerful demonic form previously mentioned called a Devilian form. While offering powerful new skills and abilities unique to their Devilian forms, the transformation is temporary and must be leveled up separately from your normal class, which hasn’t given me too many problems so far, but sounds like a potential headache. Even though leveling is a huge mindless grind, the progression curve feels pretty good.


Gear upgrades and character growth come at a reasonable rate throughout the journey to the level cap. New systems open up with clear tutorials to assist you. You don’t ever really get stuck replaying the same area, even if most “new” areas feel exactly the same as the previous ones. There’s always a new objective to do, even if you don’t care what you’re doing. And thankfully, for an MMO, it’s actually quite generous with XP, so for me at least that meant a grind of only around 20 hours before hitting endgame.

In addition to standard equipment, you can also equip talismans, cards that give useful stat bonuses, which you can increase by pairing them with another talisman in a matching set. Talismans drop from blind boxes that can be looted, purchased, or crafted from a material that comes when you deconstruct unneeded gear. This is why even when I found a pair of boots that looked exactly the same as my character's current set, I couldn’t help but think gleefully about how close I was to crafting my next talisman box once I broke them down. These card-feeding mechanics scratched an itch I'd never even considered before.

I didn't check the auction house, if there was any, so no statement on that. Lastly, the restrictions of me not being able to communicate with everyone properly is garbage. I rarely spoke with my party members or others, and if I did so, there was no response. Also: megaphones. I get the idea of it, wanting to prevent blotting. But non-blotters and low-budget players suffer from it. I still want to emphasis on the overall gaming experience being great and am happy to write a review. I will surely come back to some more beta testing. If you want any more information from my side, feel free to hit me up.

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