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Fans are not too happy with the new Blueprints system Psyonix put into Rocket League

It looks like fans are not too happy with the new Blueprints system Psyonix put into Rocket League, and are already demanding a change back. The game’s official Reddit is currently seeing player outrage over everything in the new update. From not being able to get much of a turnaround in credits for bad items, to costing credits just to exit a match. Which is ironic since all of the measures were implemented after community feedback, and now that community is revolting against the very changes they asked for. Like preventing people from just bailing on matches, or having an alternative to loot crates.

Blueprints were known to be a way of replacing loot crates to offer players even more transparency in what they would be purchasing. It was also a way to ensure the game wasn’t caught up in the loot box controversy that has been gaining more popularity throughout the years. Originally, loot crates allowed players to peek inside the crates to see what’s available and then they’d use a single key to unlock a crate. Unlocking the crate would gift the player one of the items available within them at random. The new system now finds players revealing Blueprints which shows a single item that can be purchased using credits. Furthermore,You can buy cheap Rocket League Items at by using the code “5MMO” for a 3% discount.


Along with the Blueprints, fans have some objections to the Item Shop. A thread has opened up on Reddit talking about the unfair pricing, with over 1,700 responses thus far. This includes the marking up of goods, like the Pyrrhos exotic wheels, which require quite a bit of credit to build. One user managed to use simple math to sum up the frustration. In the past, if you had 23 keys, you got 23 items, right? But now, with the new system, one item can run apparently, uh, 23 keys in some cases. That would be quite the difference in value.

In addition, some premium goods are also missing from the shop. These include the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice promotional Batmobile car, among other items. There is no word yet if they’ll make a return, but here’s hoping they come back around. The real question here is what price they’ll go for, considering the premium structure in place.

It’s unknown if this system came directly from Psyonix or by its new owners at Epic Games. Neither have posted a response to the matter, despite the community being angry with what’s happening. We’ll see what happens in the days ahead and if any changes are in store for the hit game.

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