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Every one can transform into a Devilian

PVP is one of the game’s bright spots, but also its roughest edges. 20v20 maps can be really fun, and with multi-tower control points, boss mobs that spawn, and the right group, you can have a really great time in these 15 minute matches. That is… unless you’re a Berserker or Shadow Hunter. The 3v3 fairs better, as smaller groups mean the Evokers can be countered easier. Still a team of ranged classes will wipe the floor with a team of Berserkers and Shadow Hunters on most occasions.

The teams of Trion and Bluehole Ginno even put in a potion that lets you break free of movement impairing effects, on a slight cooldown, because they knew the Evoker and Cannoneer (the game’s ranged classes) had far too much CC and AOE in PVP battles. While it’s not clear what will be done to give the more melee-oriented classes a leg up in PVP, I’m told they’re working on a solution. Until then, if you want to do PVP, I’d suggest rolling an Evoker while they’re the hottest thing since Mugatu’s Derelicte collection. This idea of a devil on your back interests me.


Devilian has four classes: the spell-slinging Evoker, the ninja-like Shadow Hunter, the trap-setting Cannoneer, and the heavy defensive Berserker. Every one can transform into a Devilian, making them diverse, multi-layered classes. But the Devilion form isn’t just an extension of your character; it’s an entirely separate entity. Launching with four character classes Devilian Online lets you take control of a powerful Berserker to smash through enemies, an Evoker to call down a range of spells, a shadowhunter to attack from the shadows or the cannoneer who performs to stand at the back of the group and unload lots of damage at the cost of speed.

Much like this intro, Devilian throws you right into it with no ceremony. Launch the game, select one of four classes to use, each having their own particular devil form. The classes (all gender-locked, as usual with Korean games) are Berserker, Evoker, Cannoneer and Shadow hunter. After selecting your preference, you’re given a wide number of options for character customization, wider than normal in options like color, as everything offers up the whole color spectrum. Bluehole Ginno’s link to the developers of Tera is made plain with the character models.

My character (a tall, slender and well endowed Evoker) looked like she could have come right out of Tera. The early game content we managed to explore was fun, reaching around level 13 we finally got the chance to explore one of the main features of the game: our Devilian form, albeit it was short lived and only fighting in a training room. Here we were able to build up a “Devilian Awaken” gauge by attacking enemies that, once filled, we could switch into a second Devilian form given that our character was half-devil.

I'm actually pleased with the first CBT, perhaps it is because Devilian was a nice changed from the usual MMORPG types of games that I often test. The game didn't offer anything new, but something about the game kept me hooked and kept me wanting to play more. I am not sure if it is lag but the game feels a little bit clunky. Despite the fact that the game had a lot of bugs and lacked content I kind of enjoyed the first CBT, I would actually recommend that you guys sign up for the 2nd CBT! Frankly, anything that would make me not look like I was going to get frostbite from the thigh-down would be a welcome purchase.

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