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Devilian provides players with a mixed experience

Trion Worlds has proven itself in the traditional realm of MMOs with the likes of Rift and ArcheAge, but the next roll of the multiplayer dice is something a little different. Devilian is a ARPG flavoured MMO; the isometric view and fast paced combat of games like Diablo and Path of Exile but with masses of players joining in on dungeons, raids, and guilds.

For our own adventure we decided to choose the Evoker class; a magic caster that summons up the elements, with the other three classes being a Cannoneer who uses huge guns, a Shadow hunter that used a ranged chain whip and the Berserker who uses two blades in melee. The classes are restricted to their set characters/genders, the Evoker and Cannoneer being female and the Berserker and Shadow hunter being male; it's not the worst thing in the world and there was a slight ability to customize hair and skin colour, but the game is built for fun and the story journey as opposed to players role playing their own characters and making a unique identity.

The first thing that will probably cross your mind while you watch my gameplay videos is that this game looks like a rip off of the Diablo or Torchlight series. To be honest the game somewhat feels like Diablo at the same time it doesn't because Devilian gives off a MMORPG'ish feel with the whole Open World and multiple channel system. The game also provides players with instanced base dungeons like the newbie instanced shown right below. It almost feels like I am playing Sivir from League of Legends.

Both modes seem exceptionally unbalanced right now, and I've caught many conversations between players about the strength of the Evoker class. I think a larger problem, however, is the movement doesn't feel tuned to fast, reactive skirmishes; attacks and spells lack precision, which means it's nearly impossible to escape an ambush. And since almost every spell's area of effect deals damage to groups rather than single targets, you're often dead the moment someone (especially an Evoker) throws the first spell.

The smaller, 3-on-3 map works a bit better since it's less chaotic, but it still suffers from these same issues. In a game with several other ways to spend your time, this one feels like the biggest waste of it. Finally, I did mention my berserker and how I use 3 skills. I could use 4 or 5, and I have about 8-9 currently to choose from, but they aren't needed. I have a builder, and an AoE attack mainly (left/right mouse buttons). I also have a charge which can heal my character. I don't need anything else.

On occasion I will press the space bar, which offers a roll without a need for a target, simply to get out of an AoE attack. Like I said, I have potions - no need. I have other skills - again, no need. Running by a mob will aggro it. I have the ability to use a aggro causing skill - because I run by them, again I have no need. I am not stating my character skills are OP, but when you have several and really only need 3, maybe 4 the game lacks.

I'm pleased with the current results of the game that I will end up participating in the Open Beta and perhaps write a more detailed review of the game. I will try to save all the spoils and good stuff for Open Beta! The game has drastically changed a lot in every way. Devilian Online is a lot more detailed than ever and doesn't feel as clunky as it did during the early betas. Thanks for reading and I hope you found my mini review somewhat helpful. Lastly, Devilian Online is scheduled to launch Open Beta on August 12th this year. Cheers!

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