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Devilian mode is to handle tougher enemies

This week’s review is for Devilian, a new action mmorpg by Trion where you play as a half devil hero. As of writing this I play as a level twenty canoneer, but I did play through the tutorial again as an envoker. I have a free account so I can’t make more characters, or else I’d try the berserker and shadow hunter classes. Originally I downloaded Devilian as a quick game to try before bed because Tera wouldn’t download, and then ended up playing four or five hours instead; finished the tutorial and most of that first string of quests. It’s a fun game and even the grinding doesn’t truly feel like grinding for me.

Yes, there are the typical mmo quests of kill 5, 7, whatever of this thing and turn it in before doing it again for someone else but leveling is not difficult. It’s also worth noting that the though there are tons of items across the game’s four gender-locked classes, you’ll be hard pressed to ever look unique. MMOs are often about trying to stand out from the pack, at least in my book. You don’t want to be one of the nameless herd, but like yourself in videogame form you want to stand out and customize your character to fit your style or fantasy.


Instead, my Berserker looks like just about every other Berserker, and even at the highest levels I’ll just wind up with the same armor and weapons as the next guy. Diablo 3 and PoE go a lot further towards letting you customize your looks. Character growth comes from a typical set of skill trees that can be mixed and matched to find your ideal build. Further customisation comes in the form of Talismans: a kind of collectable card set that offer stat boosts or interesting new traits.

They can be found in the world or crafted, and your character has a limited number of Talisman slots. The idea is to find Talismans that compliment your play style, and continued use of them will cause them to level up and provide more impressive bonuses. Combat is particularly well done with the movement being handles with classic WASD or using left mouse click, and combat hotkey abilities being bound to the number keys; the mouse is used to determine the direction of your attack or spell.

As spell casters who could perform their abilities at range this also meant that as well as simply hitting the 1 key to send out a ranged attack towards the cursor, we could also pinpoint our area attacks, such as our Lightning Strike, to hit the area that our mouse cursor was hovering over. I progressed far enough to get my Devilian mode and play around with it some. While it’s the titular feature, going Devilian is as old as Super Mario getting his flashy star or fire plant. It basically makes you stronger, gives you a fiercer look (in my case, skin-tight black leather and a wiggly devil tail), and lends you a new skill bar. Devilian mode is to handle tougher enemies, or so I was told.

Throughout this I’ve only mentioned the fact that the game is free to play only once. This is simply because the offerings in the game store are focused primarily on advancing in a faster way, offering you the ability to create new characters or items that are purely cosmetic. Unless you want to try all four classes or simply increase the number of inventory or warehouse slots you have available, you won’t really find the need to spend any real money.

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