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Devilian meets and even exceeds my standards for a good Diablo clone

While Devilian manages to really nail down the combat system in a way that feels very Diablo like, but even faster, the game aims for a very classical approach to quests that feels very old and repeatable. Almost all quests in the game are about killing X of enemies and gathering Y from the loot, the variation of the quests are almost none existing, dragging down a game that otherwise is so well done. This is somewhat saved by turning quests in remotely, but not enough to make a meaning behind the otherwise beautifully crafted environments.

I mentioned a mount. Running around in the game is slow, and you will end up fighting more mobs as you run between them and aggro them. Having a mount, you will run through and also aggro, but you will outrun most of the mobs, getting to your destination, which means in-turn you will fight less. The mount speed is 1.2x run speed, so really not that impressive. Thus far, most of the game is run to point A, kill x amount of mobs. Run to point B, kill x more mobs. Now repeat this times 100 for level 23, and you will see why it's an overall boring game.

It's nice that I am able to take on mobs upto 3 levels above me, but all the incessant running back and forth, is annoying, more so then with most other games. This is in part because there is no open world to explore, no way to move off the beaten path. Sure, you could go around killing the mobs wait for respawn and kill again. That would be more boring, unless you only did it on bosses - but the loot quality goes down as well. You don't have to ever pay a single dollar to play Devilian, which immediately makes it more accessible than a lot of its competition.

Spending real money lets you earn more gold and experience, dress your character up in more silly outfits, and speed up some of the gear-hunting you'll have to do in the later portions of the game. It uses the classic “money for time” trade, and while I don't like the idea of paying for materials to get better gear, I don't hate it either, and I never felt pressured to spend money on the game in all of my time playing it. Likewise, the quests themselves are as standard-issue as they could possibly be - collect, kill, revive, etc - but at least the game's interface and map systems make finding important quest locations on the map easy.

Early on your character receives a mount and there are fast travel hubs at significant junctures. In general, Devilian has an uncluttered, logical, and easy to use UI that is explained in enough detail in the early minutes of the game, but anyone who has spent time in an ARPG or MMO will need little or no explanation. As you might expect, the bulk of the game is progressing to an area or dungeon and blasting/cutting/whipping the ever-loving stuffing out of endless waves of bad guys. In this crucial aspect, Devilian meets and even exceeds my standards for a good Diablo clone. While I might not like piloting a tween canoneer, she handled wonderfully, spitting out hot death with meaty whump-whump-whumps and taking out crowds of foes within seconds.

I really liked the mount system in this game, instead of riding your mount you can transform into different kinds of familiars that increases your movement speed. I decided to go along with the dark purpley monster shown in the second half of the video right below, I think it fits well with my very gloomy looking Assassin. I didn't really get into the BGM much, in fact I wasn't pleased with it at all. How am I supposed to immerse myself if I can't enjoy a good awesome BGM track? Then again I am probably being too picky becaue it is still the first CBT so just ignore that part!

As an MMO, social and guild elements play a large role in Devilian. When fighting bosses in the overworld you can summon your guildmates to join in and help you. If there's only a handful of your guild online, you can forge alliances with other guilds and request help from them, too. But as easy as alliances are to make, so will rivalries be. If a rival guild is trying to take down a boss but you want the potential rewards for yourself, you can declare a guild war and march into battle to decimate both guild members and the boss.

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