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Devilian is interesting for what it offers

Devilian Online is an action RPG with a dark and sinister vibe, where characters must transform into devilish beasts to counter the otherworldly terrors that they'll face on a regular basis. Choose from one of four classes, and when their array of swords and guns aren't enough to keep the monsters at bay, unleash your darkest fantasies and become your own version of death incarnate.

Strangely enough players can move around with their characters using the W, A, S, and D keys! At the same time, they can also navigate around using their mouse point and click style Confusing!? Yeah, I felt the same at first and before I knew it, I was actually using both features of the game unconsciously because of the fast cast system. My character specialized in ranged combat so navigating with the keyboard was very useful during certain situations especially when I was kiting a large crowd of monsters. I can just run away with the keyboard and point at the direction where I want to cast my skill and then activate the skills on hot bar.

If done correctly, my character will launch projectiles in that specific direction. In development with Trion Worlds and Bluehole Ginno Games, the massively multiplayer online game puts players in the role of half-devil heroes who are battling to save their world from a fallen god. The game doesn't feel grindy at all and the questing system is really convenient because some of the quests can be completed on the go. Meaning after you have finished killing your set of monsters you will be able to finish up that quest and get the next one without going back to town or the NPC. This makes leveling a lot more user friendly and faster.

Devilian Online likes to spoil lazy gamers with its' quest system because it offers a free auto run to your quest objective! Very useful to those that want to try out this game but can't read a word of Korean. Devilian never does anything to truly stand out from the rest, beyond the talisman system, and there's only one thing it does that is a true sin. This one thing is related to the fact that it's like an MMO in some regards.

Like Guild Wars 2, Devilian has dynamic events. However, where in Guild Wars 2 they would possibly be announced, though more often not, in the area you are particularly in, in Devilian each and every one (and there are so many) are announced globally to everybody playing the game. With no way to turn them off, it became more than a small annoyance to see large white text speaking of an event I had no means of participating in, every ten to twenty seconds.

Overall the game is interesting for what it offers, but it doesn't feel like anything incredibly unique; in a sea of free to play action RPGs that are all extremely similar we'll concede the Devilian does stand head and shoulders above most in terms of its final quality. Unfortunately whilst it smashes our expectations, which over the years have become pretty low with Asian import RPGs, by smashing our expectations it only brings it up to a level where we'd expect a AAA RPG to be in its basic form for the core aspects of the game. Diablo, Marvel Heroes 2015, Torchlight, Path of Exile, these games all offer so much more than Devilian does, though we'll happily give the game the benefit of the doubt when it comes to PVP as we can imagine the fluid combat will make it extremely fun.

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