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Devilian follows very traditional MMO conventions

Devilian is a fast-paced, action-packed MMOARPG where you play as a Devilian - a half-devil hero on a quest to protect Nala from the all-consuming evil corrupting the world. Battle alongside thousands of other players as you hack, slash, burn, and blast your way through a vast persistent world. Unite with fellow Devilians to defeat monstrous creatures in challenging dungeons, fight for supremacy in massive PvP arenas or open world Guild vs Guild combat, or compete for fame and fortune by climbing to the top of the Abyssal Tower leader boards.

In game, players take on one of the four classes currently available: Berserker, Cannoneer, Evoker, or Shadow hunter. Each class has a unique feel to their gameplay as each class takes on challenges with a totally different skill set. Being an ARPG, Devilian features a faster combat system than many other MMOs. Players can use WASD movement or click on the screen to move to a location. As players level up they will earn new abilities, add them to their hot bar, and will then be able to use those abilities in fierce combinations.

Space bar can be used to evade some incoming attacks by causing your character to dodge out of the way. On the MMO front, Devilian follows very traditional MMO conventions. Gain experience through routine quests and slaying monsters, level up, spend points in a tree to earn new skills or enhance old skills, and keep pushing for higher levels and greater challenges. While this formula works for your normal form leveling, your Devilian form (which has a totally different visual appearance in addition to different and stronger abilities) is leveled by collecting Devil Souls from slain enemies.

Combat is the reason players will pick up this game and they won't be disappointed. Devilian is rather easy in the campaign mode (with the exception of boss battles which can especially taxing for solo players) and you run through the process of leveling up rather fast. The spells and transformation powers work well into the game however the individual quests are not unique and they get a little repetitive after a time. Devilian's world is extensive which will please sandbox game lovers who want to explore the entire environment.

However if all that you care about is completing quests and leveling, then you can check the map for vital quest start points and fast-travel points for easy navigation. One of the strongest points of Devilian by far is the artistic and technical achievement in the graphics department. Lush forests, dank dungeons, and old crypts are the settings you get to smash a whole array of extremely gorgeous enemies in using, you guessed it, extremely flashy skills and spells.

One could argue that the art and models are a bit sexual... but you be the judge. If you want to play as a beefy melee stud or bouncing Mage in high heels, the choice is yours. Regardless, it's all beautiful despite a few head shakes. The pervs are going to eat this action up! Patrons, the game's version of subscribers, get a third tab for class specs. What's probably saddest is that the game's namesake, your Devilian form, is pretty "meh" overall. It looks neat and helps with boss fights, plus you can gear it out, but in the end it feels woefully unnecessary and lacking in overall game impact.

Despite being in closed beta, Devilian shows plenty of promise as being the next big thing in the dungeon-crawler/MMORPG niche. The game itself offers plenty of entertainment, whether it is in terms of PvE or even PvP, and is definitely worth splurging your time into. So, if you're interested in the game, be sure to stay tuned to MMO Square! We'll let you know when the game enters into the open beta phase so you can be among the first of your friends to give the game a try.

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