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Devilian features a party matchmaking system

Speaking of playing, if you are already intrigued by Devilian, head over to the website and start the download process because it is free to play. I have already done so and have enjoyed the time spent in the game. Upon launch, I am greeted by four different class types to choose from each with different fighting styles. There are two female and two male classes, each are uniquely suited for battle. The strictly range types consist of an Evoker and Cannoneer (female classes), and the melee style classes of Berserker and Shadowhunter (male classes).

The addition of an auto run function (runs you to your objective with some wondrous pathfinding) is decidedly ingenious, and after countless MMO’s it was more than welcome. It does however also presents a problem, where there is not so insignificant amount of time, where you are just watching your avatar run from point A to B. Combat is also somewhat of a mixed bag. On one hand it is fun. If you have been playing WoW clones for a while, the switch in pace is refreshing. It is more combo oriented as you might expect and almost has DMC like appeal.


To help account for being melee, classes like the Berserker do more damage than their ranged counterpart would. Attack speed also seems slightly higher, but consider that unconfirmed. In any case, when fighting enemies, there is a very clear difference in how quickly the Berserker can kill. And this also makes them great for AoE due to having a slew of attacks that hit multiple targets at once. Dungeons come in solo and group varieties and Devilian features a party matchmaking system for those that don’t happen to be playing with friends at the moment.

Devilian wouldn’t truly be a free-to-play game if it didn’t have a cash shop. Every so often the game takes the opportunity to remind you that there are things to buy. You could make it through the entire campaign without spending money on them but you can’t help thinking how nice a few more inventory spaces or more character slots would be. Dungeons are the primary experience in Devilian for PvE players. While the open world does present challenges of its own, Dungeons provide even greater threats with the promise of even greater rewards.

The gameplay in Devilian is pretty much similar to most MMORPGs out there. This means you’ll be questing (with the aid of the “autorun” feature), running various dungeons either alone or in a party, and fighting other players in exciting arena matches that can be small (3-vs-3) or huge (20-vs-20). There are some interesting events that spice things up in the game, such as the random boss event, as well. On the subject of sound though, it's a little less impressive than the visuals.

Yep, the skills are also the most impressive in this arena with a few musical numbers that delight. Overall though, I found it to be quite standard fare. The PVE was generally pretty fun, though perhaps a little repetitive sometimes given the very similar nature of the quests to go and kill a certain amount of a specific monster. PVP we unfortunately didn’t get to try, no matter how long we queued, though players will get the chance to fight in 3v3 battles, 20v20 and even Guild vs Guild wars, which we think will be great fun.

Devilian has an auto run feature that’s convenient but you can still agro enemies and it’s possible for the auto run to be interrupted if you’re hit. It can save a lot of time when you first enter the open world and you’re picking up your first quests. When you get one, if you read them at all, click the magnifying glass to see the whole quest.

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