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Devilian can just as easily fit into a relaxing evening

Devilian is a hybrid MMO that mixes ARPG combat (e.g. the Diablo series) with traditional MMO dressings like quests, dungeons, and a persistent world with other players. It sounds like a golden concept, and it could have been, but sadly most of the game feels bland and more like work. The quests and story couldn’t be more forgettable, and the world map is disappointingly uninspired. The one saving grace though is its combat system, which actually can be pretty fun with some interesting skills and varied ways to blast hordes of mobs.

Unfortunately, the combat can only hold your attention for so long before it’s time to move on to a better MMO, or a better ARPG - Devilian just doesn’t do either genre justice. The game itself is already very polished: I experienced some inconsistencies with all the different pop-up windows, especially frame drops when I had multiple windows open. But I imagine, that those are minor things without much priority at the moment.


After picking out my class and crafting the appearance of my character, I was immediately summoned into the world of Nala. The first thing to catch my eye was the environmental graphics. For a free to play game, they spent the time and detail to add a character rich environment to the game. Moving on, I found it quite simple to figure out the basic mechanics of the game. The play style supplies a top down look of the battlefield while you control your movements by either mouse clicking or WASD movements. All of the abilities you obtain will be commanded via keyboard numbers.

So we might as well start off at the beginning - Character creation. Devilian has four classes to choose from, which doesn’t seem much, but with the devil transformations at your disposal can be considered eight.. You have the choice of Evoker, Berserker, Shadow Dancer and Cannoneer, which you can customize in a supremely limited fashion. If you pride yourself on being unique, you might be a little upset here.

Definitely don’t take playing a class like the Berserker as being a straight “stand there and attack” class. It requires considerable movement to avoid dying (while still making sure you can do damage), but it’s absolutely viable in combat, and is extremely powerful, at that. A well-played one can easily rush through the game’s content, wiping out entire groups of enemies at a time. But they’re also very vulnerable to enemy attacks, both boss and normal-wise.

Keep geared up, practice moving around while actively attacking, and it is sure not to disappoint. Fall into the rut of attempting to take on a lot of enemies while tanking all of their hits, and it’s going to be a bad time. In addition to talismans, there are also plenty of other things that you can collect and use, such as the many adorable mounts and pets. Although pets in the game are non-combative, they do give you bonus stats or even help you heal up when you’re severely injured. Don’t forget to attempt to snag as many achievements as you can, along with any titles that you can get your hands on. 

Devilian can just as easily fit into a relaxing evening as it can an afternoon of intense gaming; whether you want to bask in the rays of flashy combat and loot, or bear up against daunting challenges, is up to you. As long as you know what you're in for, Devilian's an enjoyable way to pass the time, and a well-balanced F2P game that never feels like it's begging you for money.

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