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Combat in Devilian is addictive and fun

Devilian has finally opened its gates and made the hack and slash feast available to everyone. Devilian is a free to play MMOARPG for those who are still new to the game and furtherer information about what the game is can be read here. Devillian is a cross between Diablo and your standard theme park MMO and that is both a good and a bad thing, mostly a good thing. This review of Devilian will delve deeper on what you can expect from the game in terms of content and features, and there are a lot to like here.

At Devilian level 3, it takes me at least 30 minutes, till I can activate the ability to become a Devilian, after using it once. So I use it sparingly, and actually more often use my regular barbarian class - which is highly effective anyways. Trade securely with other gamers you get a mount, before you hit level 10, and while there are professions such as creating weapons or potions, I haven't really had a need yet. Even at level 23, it would just be something to do on the side. There are daily quests which offer points, and these points can be saved to “purchase” items.

Consider them loyalty points, as even logging in each day, gives you 2 points, and as you log in daily, your rewards you can pickup are “better” Since i have played less then 5 days, my rewards really aren't that great. Dungeons act as Devilian's core. As you level up your character by doing quests, you'll run into a few dungeons, usually to kill the boss monster inside. My first dungeon took me about 12 minutes, but I figured later dungeons would become more intricate (as they do in other ARPGs). But even as I approached the endgame (where players start going back through older dungeons on higher difficulties to grind for better gear), I never put more than 15 minutes into a dungeon, usually finishing them in less than ten minutes.

Combat in Devilian is addictive, fluid, fast, and fun and probably the main reason to play the game. In the PvE campaign, at least, it is also very easy for the most part and leveling is extremely rapid. It is rare to feel under powered when questing, although some of the bosses can be challenging for solo players. Spells and special abilities feel powerful and flexible. They're fun in multiplayer, too, but as in most newly-hatched MMORPGs, multiplayer combat hasn't been entirely balanced yet and the long-range characters are way OP.

The mechanics for finding a party for bosses and dungeons are simple and straightforward. Apologies to the teams that work hard to write quests and voice NPCs, but this is one of those games in which you'll click through the quest text, hit “accept” and move on. It's not that they're poorly written, badly localized or ineptly voiced; just bland, generic and forgettable. After taking two characters way past the halfway point to the level cap and running virtually the same quest progression, it would hard to identify a single NPC past his or her function.

Devilian does not do anything to separate itself from other ARPG's and MMO's but it is competent in both. If you're okay with going from mission to mission and completing uninspired mission types that are all similar to each other, Devilian will happily take 50+ hours of your time. The best part is that you won't have to spend money or feel pressured to open your wallet in this huge free-to-play game. Otherwise, Devilian is too repetitive to engage for long periods of time and the online components do not justify taking extra time to build guilds or participate in them. It would be best to continue playing your favourite ARPG or MMO instead of giving time to this hybrid.

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